Favorite Botb Moments

The ladies of BOTB are so special, their stupidity and lack of common sense need their very own page. Here are some of the best moments:

  • Woman who burnt her stomach on a pizza pan was afraid she had hurt the baby
  • DollyLolly logged on and gave a critique of all their names
  • Woman told her husband he couldn't give her a backrub because she could go into labor…at six weeks pregnant
  • Woman admitted to breastfeeding her husband
  • MrsPoggio2Be worked all of BOTB into a frenzy by jokingly saying that the dehydration process used in macaroni and cheese causes autism if eaten by a pregnant mother
  • Camallama. Nuff said.
  • Woman was afraid to go through a haunted house while she was trying to get pregnant
  • Woman trying to get pregnant was afraid to ride a bike
  • MLer told woman she would hard-boil the baby if she used heated car seats while pregnant
  • Woman ate a fingernail's amount of feta cheese while pregnant and proceeded to force herself to throw up the entire contents of her stomach at work.
  • Woman was violently ill while pregnant (around six weeks) and was afraid it had killed the baby
  • A woman trying to get pregnant was worried her husband's sperm count would dwindle because he couldn't sleep and took Nyquil
  • EWCM questions, especially when they go into great detail about the color, consistency, and elasticity
  • Woman was afraid to eat Chinese food while pregnant (Emiliemadision helped put things into perspective by asking her what she thought Chinese women ate)
  • BabyRater logged on and rated all of their babies
  • The standard 'It will cause shaken baby syndrome!' to the common 'Can I use a vibrator while pregnant??' worry.
  • Woman worried about going through a metal detector while pregnant, apparently confusing it with an X-ray machine.
  • Woman who, at eight weeks pregnant, was afraid that pushing out a shit too hard would expel the baby.
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