ML Dictionary


BTW - By the Way
DD - Dirty Delete
GBCN/GBCML - Good-Bye Cruel Nest/Married Life.
HTH - Hope that Helps
IHO - In Honor Of
NFT - No Further Text
TIA - Thanks in Advance.
TMI - Too Much Info. See also "Just the tip."
YGM - You've Got Mail
YWIA -You're Welcome in Advance. Often used to convey snarky information. Ex: "Mrs. Neubeur - it is poor form to threaten to kill your MIL while mooching free room and board from her. YWIA!"

Other Terms:

jealousE - spelling often employed by Bebes when explaining why the average ML doesn't understand why they needed to get married at age 18. Ex: "You are just jealousE old hag, jelousE over my youth, doublewide, three children, and husband's job at Blockbuster."
pist = pissed
rediculous - no this isn't a real word
syked - psyched
vaca - This is the Spanish word for cow. Using it as an abbreviated version of the word "vacation" is reprehensible and deserving of the most severe punishment allowable under international law.
vow-b-que = backyard BBQ wedding
walla - voila
bebe = a young bride, normally 22 or younger but, really, it is a title deriving more of a mindset than any particular number. See also "jealousE."
Just the tip=The amount of Stella'sDad's penis that Stella'sMom allows him to stick in her ass. Ex: "Stella lets her husband do her in the ass, but just the tip." See also TMI.
End of Replies=What idiot's say when they can no longer take a worthy flaming. See also DD.

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