ML Rules

ML Rules (Revised 10/07)

1. If you don't have a sense of humor and a thick skin, you probably won't like it here very much.

2. If you DD (Dirty Delete) because you get flamed, someone will C&P (Copy and Paste) your post and put it back on the boards.

3. We don't all get along, we rarely have group hugs and I doubt you will ever hear "Kumbaya" but of course, that's what makes ML so grand.

4. If you say you are *NOT* a beebee, you probably are.

5. Enjoy the snarkiness or get out.

6. Although we might behave as if we hate each other, a lot of us really do have respect for one another.

7. You must keep your opinions to yourself until you have had 14 days of lurking and observing under your belt.

8. Approach ML like girls playing jump rope….holding up your hands to feel the rhythm so you don't get tripped up in the rope.

9. Take a chill pill.

10. If you GBCN (Good-bye Cruel Nest), please mean it!

11. Please snark cleverly. "You're fat" or "Your children are ugly" are the lowest form or snark and will be regarded as such.

12. The answer to every question that begins, "Am I overreacting?" is "YES, you are overreacting, TIA!"

13. Respect the Nest Elders or they will make you regret it.

14. Please watch your grammar — we will make fun of you for it.

15. "You're just jealous!" will get you nowhere.

16. Paragraphs are your friend.

17. Attempts at correct spelling and grammar are appreciated and encouraged.

18. It's SEX, not BD (Baby Dance). You're a grown, married woman….it's okay to say sex. Same goes for your period (as opposed to AF).

19. Please keep your pregnancy questions on BOTB (Babies on the Brain) because we don't want to know about your EWCM (don't even ask what this means, you don't want to know, trust us)

20. It is also suggested that we don't want to see a ticker with what cycle day you are on and when you plan to POAS (pee on a stick)

21. MUD means Made Up Drama and it's usually applied to situations so outrageous that no one will believe you even if you swear up and down that it's true.

22. Do not stomp your foot when you are defending your youth to a bunch of judgmental old bats.

23. If you post a POLL, you have to answer it first.

24. Respect *tonif*. She is the Resident Troll. She will annoy the crap out of you but you have to deal with it just like the rest of us. You must tell her what you know about her. Also, she will ignore newbies for 30 days. HTH TIA NFT

25. ML has a reputation for being a bunch of "MEAN GIRLS" and everyone feels sorry for our husbands but the truth is that most of the women on ML just happen to have the balls to tell everyone how it really is without sugarcoating it like some other people will.

26. When C&P'ing, you MUST include the name of the Nestie who authored the original post. There are exceptions for C&Ps that could put a Nestie in danger (psycho stalkers or psycho husbands who read the Nest) but other than that, you MUST NAME NAMES!! Emiliemadison is exempt from this Rule. Deal with it.

27. Do not be obnoxious like LulaMaeBarnes.

28. All Newbies are henceforth required to abstain from snarkiness, rude comments or otherwise untoward behavior to any other Newbies for a period of not less than 30 days. Accordingly, any Newbie acting inappropriately will be soundly flamed or flipped off by other Nesties.

29. Introductions by Newbies are welcome but make it a good one or you won't get the seal of approval.

ML reserves the right to amend, delete, and/or correct any of the aforementioned Rules of Married Life, hereto after known as "Rules". Said "Rules" and ML should be taken with a grain of salt. TIA. HTH.


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