Nesting FAQ

How do I PIP?

Easiest way to PIP (only works in IE):
- right-click on blinkie
- "Copy Link Location"
- paste that into
- click on top "Open in new window"
- drag blinkie from new window into your Nest message box

The "Other" way (courtesy of sweetpea2000):
(1) Find the picture that you want.
(2) Upload the picture to an online host—like photobucket or flickr.
(3) Get the URL for that picture.
(4) Go to and make the original URL tiny.
(5) Take THAT URL (the tiny one) and input it into this code:
<*img width=250 src="puttinyurlhere"*>
Just be sure to remove the stars.

How to do a Bootleg Search
(1) C&P this URL:
(2) ADD YOUR SEARCH TERM TO THE END OF IT. use_underscores_for_spaces
for example, to do a search on "ML" you'd use

Why Are You Bitches So Mean?
You may be stupid. Get that checked.

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