*DISCLAIMER* I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OR EDIT MY OPINION OF YOU AT ANY TIME. If you are truly offended by what I wrote feel free to send me a private email to nestography at yahoo dotcom. You may also send me a private email, if you have any other comments or concerns or if you would like me to add someone I missed. I would also like to note that I am sure I have missed a few people and will add to this list as I see fit. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS ALL IN FUN AND NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN TOO SERIOUSLY.

Aanac = She seems to be fairly clever.

Aligracegirl = Her husband is wicked hotness (even though he drinks girl drinks) and she taunts us endlessly with pictures of his smoldering good looks. I like her.

Aml84 = She is a super hottie.

AmberDanger = See Sanjaya'sPenis

Archergirl = I think she is a beautiful person. She has handled everything with so much tact and grace. Every time someone posts about how they haven’t heard from their dh or their dh is missing my heart drops and I instantly remember that day. I think the whole “stalker Lawsuit” is loltastic. She is a favorite nestie.

AvsSmurf = Seems like a really cool person. Doesn’t nest as much since she changed shifts. Had a weird theme wedding but for her and her hubby I think it worked although some of the guests looked really bad. I guess it‘s better than a Ren wedding. The Smurf obsession is childish and weird. Roomba. Pet raccoon or some such nonsense.

BamaMama2b = NoVAMama2b = BamaMama2b = Is pretty awesome despite her incredible bitchiness and blocking.

BeerFlu = and a few other names I can’t remember from the Knot = She pulled some of the same AW crap RachMatt does, but never got called out for it. Maybe because people actually like Beer? I liked when she posted on P&E and ML. She had a Ren style theme wedding.

Belle_of_the_ball = B!tchPatrol = Someone else = Jenifer5.04 (or some craziness like that) = Don't call me Jen = New super troll

Belle1973 (or whatever) = Spanishsteps = I hope she realized she looks nothing like Belle from “Beauty and The Beast”, her husband lied to her. I wonder where she is?

Belle4kp = Always being accused of trolling. I haven’t seen hard proof though. Has trips. Seems to “change” her story from time to time. Has an older son that doesn’t live with them, must be hard. She has a huge generic home and yard. People accuse her of not being a good mother because she spends so much time on the nest but I think if they had that many kids they would get away as much as they could too.

*Bellina* = I don’t really care for her and I am not sure why, she can be funny sometimes but I just skip over most of her posts. She also seems very shallow, like a kiddy pool.

BelowTheBelt = taimedown = Friends with B!tch, so I am sure she is highly amusing.

bigapplebride = She’s ok. She is kind of ignorant and misinformed though.

BlackMamba* = She used to be on a lot more. I love her name.

bluesmoothie_ = For the record I thought the picture of her daughter with the caption about her turning Japanese was hilarious. Some of the PC police got their panties all bunched and she took the pic down. There was even a girl who was married to a Japanese man who thought it was funny. Other then that I know she can be snarky and sometimes funny but she just kind of blends in.

boomers*girl = Has a cute dog, She doesn’t really stand out for anything.

BostonGayGal = She’s been around for a very long time. I thought it was dumb when people were making fun of the party favors she was talking about. She is one of my favorite nesties.

BoutTime = Miserable cowcvnt. Ok that's probably not true but she said I could just make something so there you go.

BriBeck83 = Seems nice enough.

brideofaussie = Eh, that’s all.

BrittBrown = She seems to be snarky just to be snarky; she’s not even very funny. She gets on my nerves.

BunnyMacDougal = Truth_Teller outted her but I don’t remember her old name. I know her husband treated her badly and she would vent about it here. She got flamed so she left and created a new name. I hope she learned her lesson not to air her personnel business on the nest. I do like her better now.

cartoonjess = She always has something funny to say, she cracks myshit up!

Charlettesmom (or however she spells it) = Total wack-a-doo. She posts crazy things then blames “someone else”.

Cookie777 = She needs her own personality and opinions. I would love to see her disagree with someone just once (and not when everyone else disagrees with them on her own).

cooper_33 = Wants a revision.

Csria2002 = She is very cute. I enjoy reading her posts. She stands by what she says but doesn’t disagree with people just to be rude.

c_joy = I think it’s weird that she looks so old in her wedding picture and so young on her myspace, but she is very pretty either way. She some times takes her snark too far. She is pretty much always very informed on what she is posting and can explain why she feels a certain way about certain things (unlike most nesties). All in all one of my favorite nesties.

elevendiamonds = People used to not like her, I am pretty sure it had something to do with Invidia. She seems ok. She doesn’t bother me.

emiliemadison = Usually a super b!tch that refuses to see both sides of an argument. Sometimes has something clever to add but is usually just a snarky b!tch. She’s great if you agree with everything she says. Very cute daughter.

flexiblebride = flexienanna = She has a beautiful grand baby. She had kind words for me when I really needed them so I am removing anything offensive. Thank you Jam Master Flex.

FlutecatT = Three words for you Choreographed First Dance…EWWWWW! (Ok so four)

Graceland* = Her baby girl is very cute and I am excited to see her new baby when she gets here. I don’t particularly like Graceland. I think she overly snarky/b!tchy . Like emilie as long as you agree with everything she says she’s golden. But I of course desperately want to be her IRL friend.

-Hamhock- = Hilarious troll.

His#1Girl = She thinks way too highly of herself and is always up for telling you how great she is. She seems a little ghetto to me, and not just money wise. I mean born and bread ghetto, the kind that doesn’t just go away with a decent paycheck.

HobbesRN = She just blends in.

Iamarried = Cortnee19 = All the other Cortnee names = I am sure she is just a regular; she is much too persistent to be a random person who just stumbled on to the nest.

ImarriedRich = Upbeat = I am removing my opinion about her because I do not want to be any part of her GBCN. I know I am not the only one who said things about her but mine may have been a tad too mean. So I take them back.

IMMM = Has always been a b!itch and just says things just to piss people off.

Invidia = She is adamant about telling everyone how rich and educated she is. Either she is very insecure or she is really a superb!tch. I think it’s hilarious how far she’ll go to “prove” she’s “right”. I am however on team Invidia in regards to the mcnasty craziness.

Jaminga = Late night lurker.

jen_and_dave = While no longer a mod, she still stands as a fabulous nestie who I like very much.

Jules_Z = She doesn’t really add anything significant to the boards. She’s like RC Cola; she’s not what you’d pick if given the choice, but if that’s all there is you won’t complain.

June24Bride = She is the most obnoxious TTTC’er EVER! I am so happy for her but my gods she makes LeahMelanie look humble and shy. She spends more time complaining and AW'ing than anyone I have ever seen. She is a yucky AW.

Juskly (or whatever her name is) = Thinks she is way more significant than she is. I am sure she will be delighted that I *finally* added her name.

KrystalNC = And all of her other names = I used to really like her, before her identity crisis. Now I think she is just batsh!t crazy.

laptopdancer = Her screen name is great. She is usually pretty funny and friendly. I also admire how open she is about her sexual past.

LeahMelanieNJ = Peaches = I am trying to change my opinion of Leah. All I have right now is that she is sluttin' it up real good and giving us all the good details.

LongLiveKuus = ReturnofKuus = and a few other Kuus names from long ago = She has been around for along time, and she gets snarkier with age. She takes her animal love a little too seriously. I don’t really care for her. She seems very bitter about her life, especially if you read the “advice” she gives women on the other boards. She is loltastic.

lovedan = I think she is very cute but Jenifer Aniston she is not. She has a beautiful baby. Generally seems like a nice person, so when she gets huffy about something (like ocd) so I tend take her seriously because she picks her battles. Other nesties should learn to do that.

Lucygoosey81 = She’s nice but not really that interesting.

LucyHoneyChirch = LucyHoneyChurch = Milquetoast…that cracks mysh!t up. She’s very full of herself but also rather funny so it almost evens out. The siggy pics sometimes make her look very unattractive. She’s like the Seinfeld episode where the woman only looks good in certain light. I usually enjoy her posts as long as they are not about “how much people love her “. She is one of my favorite nesties.

LuvMyFF = She’s right, who?

Madhatter2003 = She is weird; she thinks people actually care about how long she’s been breastfeeding. The only ones who do are crazy women who try to make other mothers feel bad about there choices. Get over it.

Mama2Aaron = Ldmessing = You Gals Suck = You Girls Suck, I am sure I am missing some. I don’t care how much she tries to deny things I was here when she was outted. She’s just yucky. The picture…do you all remember that? I wish I would have saved it but I am sure her nastiness would have eaten away at my computer. She is also batsh!t crazy.

Mamma2006 = Bride2004, She is just a b!tch. I am surprised so many nesties kiss her ass, maybe it’s because it easier to be with her than against her. I would love to see if her personality is this horrid in real life. She has a gorgeous daughter though. Every time she posts she proves my point. She is absolutely not white trash, and the fact that Iammarried of all people said she was is hilarious.

Miss.Modular = China Red = I am sure there are more and I am sure that I am confusing some of them with Amber’s other names. Before she started TTC she was much more loud and opinionated but TTC can humble someone very much. I have always liked her and I love the flash tattoo fabric she has. Definitely a favorite nestie. I hope things go well for her in the TTC department.

MissyNY = She desperately wants me to tell her she is hilarious and full of awesomeness, but she has a long way to go before she makes that bracket. She is working on not being such a tool and her effort are duly noted.

mrsbliss = Has some explaining to do.

Mrs Chubbito = Super ugly kitchen floor. There is no excuse for not cleaning for three weeks unless you’re in the hospital or seriously injured. Now not only is her floor ugly, I know it’s dirty. Maybe she should take little “nest breaks” and clean something every 15 minutes or so.

MrsKEW = The fight between her and Mrs. Keys was priceless. Mrs. Keys is yucko. Kew is interesting, always something going on with her.

mrs.mcnasty = Me&Ewan = Managed to prove she was an even bigger crazy than previously suspected (who would've thought it was possible?)

Mrs.Neuberger = She is not even as interesting as a train wreck; she’s more like watching an old man back into another car. I am shocked he’s allowed to drive so it doesn’t surprise me when he hits something.

MrsPoggio2be = I tried to like her but when she got all Judgey Mcjudgerson about what her sister is going through I just couldn’t . She has no clue what kind of anguish her sister is facing and yet instead of supporting her Poggio put on her “b!tch hat” and judges her sister for not making the choice she would have. I hope her sister sees what a horrible person she is and cuts ties with her.

MrsStumpy = She is very opinionated but also open minded. She argues her points well and argues fair. She is too anal about her music to the point it seems immature. In that aspect she needs to get over herself. As long as she is not talking about how much better she is because of her musical taste I really like her.

MrsVioletBlue = She used to be a much bigger player in the game of Married Life, but has not been on much as of late. Thus losing any significance she once had. When she is here she seems to run with the “I have money and am better than you.” crowd.

mrswoct04 = mrswillisoct04 = I am not quite sure of her but she will be leaving for a while and I wanted to add her before I forgot.

MsBlake = AnitaBlake = She seems very passive. I don’t think I have ever seen her really argue with anyone. I thought she was older but I was wrong. She doesn’t flaunt her money the way tonif and Invidia do and I think they could learn a thing or two from her. I would love to see a picture of her, I just have a mental image of what she looks like and I would like to see how close I am.

Netnuh = She seems very easy going, I generally like her.

NiceAsstra = JessicaAsstra (or whatever) = She has great taste in music. She usually has something interesting to say and can be rather clever. One of my favorite nesties.

Nikki_Klein = She gets a lot of flak for using assistance but I think she is doing the best she can. She works and that’s more than most welfare cases can say. I think the system is in place for families like hers. I don’t think they should be thinking about TTC another right now, but whatever makes them happy. I think her admiration of LHC is hilarious. I wonder where she has been.

Someone who's name sounds like BluCakebaker = She asked to be removed, and then made up a little rhyme that went something like “You think you’re cool, but I think you’re a fool”.

OBG = OctBrideGirl = TackyPatrol = She isn't on very much anymore so not much to say. She was hilarious as TP though.

OldMoney$ = Really bad troll that may or may not be Belle? I would hope that Belle would be more entertaining than this as a troll.

papie = She used to be a super AW but now she is just boring. But ever time I open her bio I crack up at her wedding hair. Seriously I hope she didn’t pay someone to do that to her.

pickle-tickle = Claims to be a new nestie, we'll see….

pixie22 = She is an F&Ber she is slightly less annoying than popcorn123. They both need some mentoring from MsBlake pronto.

popcorn123 = The most annoying nestie not on ML. She spends her days fishing for compliments on F&B and whatever they call the home board now. She really has some weird need for people to admire her; it probably wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t such a butter face. And for someone who’s only goal in life is to be fashionable, you would really think she wouldn’t have to be reassured every time she buys something or wants to.

rachelmoney = Just eh, nothing special. I do wish she would either kick her MIL out or stop complaining. She made the offer so she should just suck it up, her MIL probably hates living with her more than Rachel hates having her there..

Rachmatt = RachMartyr = Wow, she is all about the AW. I love how she can back peddle faster than Clinton. I think it is very bizarre that she was posting about how she worries that her marriage is working (they grew in different directions or some such B.S.) and about her infertility woes all in the same day. She was not the first person to say “End of Replies” (I believe it started on TIP or Relationships). Her new hair color is not flattering, it looks cheap. Someone should teach her how to use face powder…End of Replies

random = One of the best trolls…ever.

Rock_lobster = She is usually pretty nice, but she strikes me as being a little whiny and I am not sure why.

RubyInParadise = She is a giant dork. I think she thinks she is much more attractive and witty than she is. She was a huge part of “Operation Bust McNasty”. She thinks calling me a "little girl" is witty. It's actually pretty lame, at least Nu made up a rhyme. RIP -0 Nu-1

rysgirls2001 = One of my favorite nesties. Absolutely hilarious. “Stay fresh b!tches”

sallymad = Has body dysmorphia, but looks pretty in her bio, I hope she gets help for that because she is pretty.

saraandmichael = She is just kind of there. I have seen her be snarky a few times but she’s not very good at it

Sanjya’sPenis = Amber = Spearmint Rhino (or was that Miss Modular) = AmberDanger =a bunch of other names I don’t remember = Ainsley Jamaica and Mustapha Philadelphia, seriously that is the good stuff right there. Amber is fanfuckingtastic.

Schmoopiette = I think she was better when she was a newb.

Shmoopy_poo = I love the siggy pic. She is one of my favorite nesties.

silverhalo = I really hope she is not a complete dolt. That whole “bamboozled” and “gypped” thing was too much. I was actually shocked at her ignorance.

SnarkPolice = Friends with B!tch and BTB, obviously hilarious.

SraGo = She seems nice enough. Her wedding pictures were very pretty.

Stacy&Jason = Being rude to Jehovah Witnesses is very immature and trashy. I liked her until she made that dumb comment about “Having your tickets to hell firmly in place”. Besides I am sure they have heard much more clever things then that. I hope her daughter doesn’t inherit her bigotry and ignorance. She is however the *BEST EVER DRUNK NESTER* Here is one of the many fantastic quotes; "ono. electic pickel is what you hell so you don't sneeze. sc eram, that's how you don't bpuck on rolelr scosters."again, *BEST EVER*

StageDva = Her old video siggys made me cringe. She was so full of her self it was ridiculous! She is not as bad now that she is pregnant but I am sure as soon as she finds her “new” self she will go back to her self admiration. Stage requested I remove the remark about her dh.

Stellasmom = Oh man how can there be so many things wrong with one person? She is like the annoying foreign exchange student your mom made you hang out with. Her lack of social skills and tact is astounding, she just doesn’t get it. I did feel little bad for her after the “Just the Tip” brouhaha, but she just kept egging it on. I do think people were a little mean about her looking like an “Oompa Loompa” and her husband’s general yuckness, everything that was said was true but it was mean. I am surprised she kept coming back for more, even after the “urban dictionary” thing. I haven’t seen her in a while so I wonder who she is trolling as…

Sweetpea2000 = Hilarious.

Taytee = She’s ok.

textbookcase = I don't have much on her yet, she seems nice.

TheCzarina2003 = Incognito = maybe Smartone = Mildly amusing at best.

ToledoApr24 = She seems to have a really horrid personality. I laughed so hard when she was referred to as Debbie Downer. That has to be one of my favorite ML put downs. She also has no problem banging five people. I will now call her Slutoledo.

tonif* = has too many variations of her name to list = I am pretty sure that quite a few of her names have been different people. She always talks about her wealth and beauty, yet refuses to put up an actual photo of herself. I think she thinks that putting on the whole “I am such a mystery” act will make people more interested in her, I find that laughable. The newest incarnation seems to have a slightly different personality then past tonifs. I remember when her, MissMod, and Amber! Would refer to themselves as the “Tri-fecta”, that was funny as was the “Great Purse Giveaway”. Some of the stuff she says is hilarious, weird or not tonif is highly entertaining, and is in my favorite nestie list. I wish she would come back. Are you there Tonif, it's me Nesto?

tropical.dreams = Too b!tchy for her britches.

Truth_Teller = I liked this troll at first, I though she was funny. Now she is just toeing the line of being annoying.

Typhoid Mary = I have always liked Typhoid; the name alone is worth admiration.

vegas17 = She has the best siggy ticker ever. She also seems to be clever and witty with the snark.

WendyLoveapple = I expected her to look different than she does. She and some of her “buddies” go to unpopulated boards to talk rubbish about everyone else. It’s not that bad though they basically just sit there and hi-five each other for witty comebacks, it’s no “FAK “or “Bitch Board”. And No I am not one of her buddies; I randomly stumbled upon the board you guys invaded. Other than that I actually like her.


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