"Married Life" is one of the many message boards found on www.thenest.com. Initially designed to allow married women a place to talk about their daily marital issues. "Married Life" is now, however, a misnomer. Many of the women who frequent the board daily are not married, and many of the internet trolls who like to stir things up in "ML" obviously have no life. ML is no longer an appropriate place to ask "What should I get my significant other for our anniversary?" Questions such as this will likely not be given any serious answers.

The Married Life Board is bound by certain de facto rules and hierarchies. For a complete list of rules, visitors are encouraged to page His#1Girl. The Rules are maintained, and can be modified solely by, the Nest Elders. The Elders, in addition to having sole authority over Married Life rules, also command deference and respect from any and all "newbies."

The ladies of Married Life are, generally, far smarter than the women on any of the other Nest message boards. As such, they delight in visiting other boards, particularly Babies on the Brain, and ridiculing their more inane questions.

In May, 2012, following disastrous changes to the Company's online user forums, thousands of users defected en masse to a new website, http://pandce.proboards.com/index.cgi. The community remains largely intact on the new website.

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